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Welcome and join the thousands of Hospitality, travel and tourism job seekers, tourists, travelers and service providers online now.

We use 115 translations and have a powerful Hrelang plugin to make sure our website is searchable and reachable in all major countries and cities in the world.

We believe that a travel guide should be complete and fun. So we do have some travel tips as well as some personal blogs where you can discuss and voice out your feelings with others.

Why should you join us?

  • You get to meet new people, new friends with experience.

  • You get to find old friends.

  • You get to review businesses.

  • You can even chat the day away.

  • You get to search travel tips written by over 50 professionals

  • You can add your videos.

  • Get to join groups that interest you.

  • You get advice from your friends.

  • You get to know promotions that our clients (businesses) have so you can seize the offer.

  • You can also help others.

We have developed the right platform for those that really like pictures and videos.  Let us and your friends help you choose your travel or tourism package.

After login, it is advisable that you associate your profile with one of the user groups inside. That way you will be able to view their profiles and add them as friends.

In addition, we have an employment platform for hospitality, travel and tourism jobs. You can search for Tourism Jobs. You can also add your CV so that whenever you find a job that suits you, you can apply by clicking once. Another advantage of adding your CV is that we will send you an email whenever there is a job that matches your CV. Only Companies that are registered and have a listing with us can post a job advert and it is free for them. Note that employers can see or search for your CV. So it is always advisable to keep it updated. We always notify business owners about updated CVs with a direct link to the  CV. Thus you gain more exposure to potential employers by updating your CV. We always notify you of hits to your CV, and we always indicate which person hit your CV so that you can start making connections. Note that employers may require you to submit a formal application even after you apply online.  There are other more reasons to join us. Registration is free for job seekers, travelers, tourists and their friends.

Any organization or association that specializes in Hospitality,Travel or Tourism can add a business listing. The list of places is not exhaustive. If you feel we left out your category, contact us, we will add it.

The advantages of listing your business on A Online Travel Guide include:

  • More presentation of your business to potential clients.

  • Your business will be less demanding to discover in Google and other 3600+ search engines.

  • More visitors to your website, facebook page, G+, e.t.c.

  • Will help with expanding your Search Engine PageRank.

Be noticeable online! Acquire new clients and produce more leads. Enhance online networking shares. Get reviews and develop business notoriety on the web. Get on top of search engines with your chosen keywords in less than a month. Yeah that’s right! In less than a month you will have left your competitors in the dust with your chosen keywords, and for that month we give you free targeted traffic to your listing. We submit your listing to search engines so that you get real targeted traffic to your listing. As a matter of fact we can if we want get your business listing for your given keywords up on the first page in 5 days. That’s great, isn’t it? Register.

Your organization profile can incorporate contacts (website, email and phone number) and profile, photograph exhibition, video exhibition and your business location on a map. You can also include Facebook and Twitter Profiles. We optimise both your business listing and social profiles so that you get as much traffic as possible. We are the best and the only ones who love their customers so much so that we give them free traffic. A Online Travel Guide is very simple to use and exciting as well.

When you add a listing, two place tags will be automatically created, one for town and the other for country. These tags are all indexable.  This works to your advantage. It will then create a shortcut to your business listing by displaying your location (city) under Locations with  a listing. If however, two or more organizations share with you your location, then only 1 shortcut will be formed. The more URLs to your listing the more chances you have to be discovered online because it means more URLs to your listing are optimized. We give you multiple URLs to your Listing automatically. You can check your business listing URL performance status using free internet SEO tools. Facebook will give you notifications in less than a week; that you have had so much views, or that a certain number of people have liked your page. We recommend that you should have a keyword rank tracker. We recommend Accuranker. This app gives you comparison of up to 3 competitors and gives the change in keyword rank after two hours. If the video URLs that you give during business listing are Youtube video URLs, then we will give you free video views for a month, that’s great, isn’t it.

Your potential clients can contact you through: 1). contact business under your business listing for which the registered email will be the recipient, 2). they can request you for a friendship if they are registered users of which business networking can instigate,3). through Facebook Profile, 4). through the Twitter profile, 5). through your website or 6). call you. You can ask anybody for friendship and grow your business network.

You can post or write on your blog about your business (we encourage you to do so as often as possible, because when these blog posts are indexed you gain more search engine customers) as many times as you wish. Your blog posts will be indexed and submitted to search engines within a few hours. Unlike other Directories which just provide a listing and you wait for it to be seen on search engines for weeks or maybe months and visitors come in bits, we make sure that your listing is visible on search engines after a few hours or even minutes and we make search engines notice you. This technique is well known to SEO experts and works by publishing your business listing to a huge number of whois and statistics websites as well as search engines themselves, resulting in a significant number of backlinks and search engines will then index your listing rapidly, within minutes. Stop wasting money on worthless backlinks and have a business listing that works. Click here to view our pricing.

You can share your business listing as many times, on social media and other social bookmarking sites, as you wish. The more reviews, shares and likes your business has the more A Online Travel Guide ranking you will get. Your  business will then be shown on the home page and every page under best of A Online Travel Guide. Get people to like and review your business.

When listing a business on A Online Travel Guide, it is important that you use these guidelines.

 The site is designed for those that really want a true travel or tourism experience and for businesses that really want to cut their marketing costs.

You can, if you wish, book tour packages from Celtic nations here.

Read our Terms and Conditions before adding a business listing on this website or registering.

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