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Gaborone, Tourism in Gaborone, Botswana, about Gaborone

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Situated in heart of Botswana’s capital city, the Gaborone Hotel & Casino provides modern, well furnished accomodation for business people, travellers in transit and visitors to Gaborone. Gaborone is the largest and Capital City of the Southern African Country of Botswana, and houses over 10% of the Botswana population. It is the economic capital as well as the government capital. Gaborone is also home to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), a regional economic community established in 1980 and the Botswana Stock Exchange. Botswana’s city of Gaborone serves as a gateway to the country’s natural beauty with its national parks such the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Moremi Wildlife Reserve in the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, and the Okavango Delta. 

Directly south of Botswana is South Africa , where some truly famous cities await tourists, such as the metropolis of Cape Town and its hard-to-miss Table Mountain, the spectacularly wealthy city of Johannesburg and its rich gold -mining heritage, and the administrative capital of Pretoria , where the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa are based. For many tourists, it is the rich African wildlife that is the reason to visit, with stable water supplies within both the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta meaning that safaris here are in demand. 

Gaboroone also boasts two main game reserves – the impressive Mokolodi with two hour game drive giving visitors the chance to catch a glimpse of baboons, giraffe, wart hogs, zebra, elephants, and hippos, just to name a few, and the smaller, but more intimate Gaborone Game Reserve, around which you can drive yourself and explore. The Mokolodi Nature Reserve, located at metaphorical stone’s throw away from Gaborone not only has game drives, a quaint restaurant and picnic spots in the bush, it also has a couple of accommodation options including chalets and camping. Although small (just under 600 hectares), Gaborone Game Reserve is ideal for a quick visit or to escape the hustle and bustle of city; and is now Botswana’s third busiest game reserve.

The park which is also close to Mokolodi Game Reserve is open every day and offers great outdoor activities for the family with its beautiful picnic spots. Mokolodi Lodge or nature Reserve is located around 8 km from Botswana’s capital city,Gaborone on the road to Lobatse. 

For the very first time, a comprehensive visitor guide combines the best and otherwise well-known natural sites such as Mokolodi Nature Reserve and Manyelanong Game Reserve with cultural heritage sites to offer a limitless choice of fascination. Across the developing world one of the most distinctive aspects of urban tourism scholarship relates to the controversial phenomenon of so-termed ‘slum tourism’ in which tourists mainly from the global North travel to poor areas of cities in the global South (Rolfes, 2010; Frenzel et al., 2012; Frenzel, 2013)…. In Gaborone and Maun, Botswana, tourism has grown rapidly. Botswana has been considered a luxury tourist destination out of the reach of a lot of travelers, but this southern African nation is on the rise with tourism numbers increasing annually.

Due to the marginalization of cultural products in urban communities, it is apparent that economic development via tourism is not fully realized. The concentration of tourists and visitors to certain parks and protected areas is a reality for most developing countries, especially in southern Africa, due to branding of a single unique product based on wildlife. The suitability and constraints for photographic tourism in this zone should be considered when reviewing recommendations to increase tourism capacity and to diversify tourism activities in Botswana. This in combination with the tourist capacity allocated and the annual rental required will determine the economic viability of high, medium and low budget tourism in different concessions of the Northern Conservation Zone. Low cost tourists are limited to the public camp sites in the national parks and game reserves while the HPLV tourists also use the private lodges. Botswana phased out sport hunting, and is promoting photographic tourism to replace it. This raises the question about the potential to expand photographic tourism in the Northern Conservation Zone.

In 1975 the Bushman development officer in the Ministry of Local Government and Lands issued a statement concerning “Bushmen and tourism” (Savingram LG. 1/3, 29 April 1975), the basic theme of which was that tourists represented a problem for Basarwa citizens since local people had little ability to control the manner of their contact with outsiders. Several major firms and international organisations, including Tiffany & Co. subsidiary Laurelton Diamonds, HJ Heinz, Hewlett-Packard, Barclays Bank and South African Development Community (SADC), have chosen to operate in the nations capital of Gaborone.

Gaborone is home to Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (GBE), which is located on a 20-minute drive from the city centre. 

Botswana Railways operates two daily trains, one day and one overnight service, linking Gaborone with Francistown as well as Lobatse , near the border with South Africa. Gaborone station is centrally located on Station Rd, behind the huge Station mall

There are cheap connecting flights to Gaborone’s Sir Seretse Khama International. Air Botswana and South African Airways fly there directly from Johannesburg.

For tourists interested in history, and even business travelers in search of tourist attractions in Botswana, a visit to the Three Dikgosi Monument (Three Chiefs Monument) provides an absorbing insight into the country’s history. Whether you’re a tourist on a layover in the city and have some time to spare, or a business traveller attending a seminar at one of the hotels in Gaborone, such as the Avani’s conference facilities, there are some interesting monuments to see and things to do in Gaborone to tap into the city’s unique culture. The oldest mall in Botswana, planned in preparation for Botswana’s Independence, the Gaborone Main Mall still stands and boasts a small African cultural market almost every day of the week.

Influenced by the enthusiastic nature of city living, The Capital Guesthouse is a place of relaxation and distinct luxury, located walking distance from the CBD of Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone.


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